How to buy VAR Finance on PancakeSwap

VAR Finance is the new, revolutionary BSC token, available only on DEX like PancakeSwap.

More than that, you will earn PASSIVE INCOME just by holding your VAR tokens in wallet. You will earn on every network transactions thanks to complex reward system.

VAR finance has 5% fee on each transaction, it’s in fully used to distribute among VAR holders. It also has 1% burning emission that increase token price over time.

tldr; the more VAR you have — the more you earn.

You are probably wondering where to start and how to get VAR tokens..

Well, here we go.

  1. Get MetaMask wallet

It’s the most popular wallet for BSC and ERC-20 tokens.

2. Create MetaMask account.

That’s easy! After MetaMask installation you need just to follow steps displayed there. No need to explain more.

3. Change Network to Binance Smart Chain

In MetaMask, click on Ethereum Mainnet.

Now click on Custom RPC.

We are nearly there! Don’t stop.

Now you need to provide Binance Smart Chain network details.

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Just like that, good job!

Now switch network to Binance Smart Chain.

4. Get BNB in your MetaMask wallet.

You are ready to receive BNB and VAR tokens on your wallet.

To buy VAR tokens we will need BNB, to swap BNB for VAR on PancakeSwap.

Just get BNB on exchanges like Binance and withdraw it via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to your MetaMask wallet address.

5 (LAST STEP). Swap BNB for VAR tokens on PancakeSwap

Go to

Click on the arrow so it will swap from BNB to VAR.

Now you can just enter your amount of BNB you wish to swap and you will check on how much VAR tokens you will receive

Click gear icon and set slippage percent to 10% so you transaction will go without any problems.

You are ready to swap your BNB for VAR.

Click ‘Unlock Wallet’, then ‘Swap’. It’s done!

You will receive your VAR tokens into your MetaMask wallet.

To check on how much VAR tokens you hold, click on ‘Assets’ and then ‘Add custom token’ on MetaMask wallet.

Now just enter VAR Token Contract Address.

Address: 0x4bfbc80f8c96ef95e2b4fd3f28a5f41db27b2535

Congratulations! Now you can see on how much VAR you hold.

By holding more you will earn more passive income from 5% network rewards.

There is also an AirDrop for holders!

On the 12/04/2021 8:00PM GMT airdrop will be distributed for all VAR Finance holders on BSC network. To take part in airdrop you need to own at least 1 VAR Finance by the time of airdrop and fill the form.
For each 1 VAR Finance in your wallet, you will receive 0.33 VAR Finance.

You will get at least 33% profit on the airdrop date. Now, stop telling me there aren’t free money, in DeFi — there are.

VAR Finance is the future!




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